PSG Holdings

Indigenous Engagement

Supporting Indigenous Engagement.

As a Supply Nation certified company, PSG Holdings is committed to supporting Indigenous owned companies to gain access to valuable business opportunities through all possible avenues of our business.

With well-established ties to the Indigenous community, PSG Holdings is committed to advancing business opportunities, industry partnerships and employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians. Our Stretch RAP assists us in embedding appropriate cultural procedures throughout the business to assist our inclusive and diverse business initiatives.

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Facilitating Indigenous Employment.

In tendering or proposing for works, PSG Holdings endeavor to increase Indigenous participation through both direct employment of Indigenous people and sub-contracting of Indigenous owned business, or other businesses with significant levels of Indigenous employment.

PSG Holdings employ Indigenous staff throughout all areas of our business, from our frontline to our senior positions, allowing for shared knowledges and experiences to resonate across all aspects of our operations. 

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Indigenous Recruitment.

With strong networks and community relationships, PSG Holdings engage and liaise with a number of groups and organisations to help identify where opportunities for Indigenous participation might lie within our business.

These groups could include:

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